Automatic Powder Filing and Packing Machine

Automatic Powder Filing and Packing Machine

We are a leading Automatic Powder Filling Machine Manufacturer to auto bag filling and sealing machine,auto carton casing machineauto pouch layer, and other packing processing equipment in southwest china. We develop the fully-auto packaging machine integrating mechanical ,electronics,numerical control and microcomputer technology to achieve automation of the entire packaging process.If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us when you free.

Automatic powder filling machine is the similar filling and packaging way for granule and powder, so most powder filling and packaging machine can be used for both powder and granules. This model mainly aims at the stable packaging of powder with poor fluidity,mesh number greater than 80 and easy to raise dust. Commonly, powder filling machine mainly adopts screw type, weighing type and other measurement ways. Packing products are: condiments, coffee powder, milk powder, pesticide powder and so on.

The auger filling machine is used for filling and filling powder, solving the problem of packing products that cannot easily pass through the conveyor system, featuring a fully automatic, very intelligent and smooth process from handling the material to preparing the bag, to filling the whole process, whether you are a first time buyer or replacing an old machine, the automatic powder packaging machine can improve the efficiency of packing powder.

There are several options available for dry powder, granular, and nut like products. Product characteristics determine the type of filling machine that will most efficient and productive for your application. Automatic Powder Filling Machine Manufacturer vibratory weight fillers and auger fed weight fillers for products like the following:

Sugar, flour, salt, pepper, spices, small seeds, coffee grounds, coffee beans, small candies, unshelled peanuts, Parmesan, powder detergents, and any other like powder or small granular products.

Powder and Dry Product Filling Machines

An automatic vibratory weight filler suited for granular products can be ordered with two filling channels that funnel into a single fill head, or four filling channels that funneled into two filling heads. JING WEI PACKING MACHINE are the ideal solution for dry granular products, dog food, flowers, and small candies that require precision weighing. The vibrating delivery channels that feed product to the load cells avoid damage normally encountered with auger systems.
The auger filler machines utilize high-tech brushless, direct drive servo motors, and state of the art motion control electronics for auger control. The simple filler design allows for easy cleanup, maintenance, and rapid changeover. Available in both semi-automatic (AF) and fully automatic (AF1) configurations the  JING WEI  auger fillers are the best choice for any customer that desires accurate, repeatable filling of powders, granules, and other similar products.
These fillers have a touch screen that is linked to a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) that operates the machine. The machine operating program gives the operator the ability to make fine adjustments to the machine as needed during a shift. The logic continuously monitors the machine for correct operation along with built in safety checks.

Tablet Counting and Filling Machines

A pill is defined as a small rounded mass swallowed whole for nutritional or medicinal purposes. Capsules, soft gels, tablets, caplets, and chewables are all included in the broad definition of pill. When you need an accurate count of pills dropping into a package,  JING WEI PACKING MACHINE offers a manual tabletop counter or an automatic counter that fills containers as they advance along a conveyor. The manual counter needs an operator to move the product containers under the output chute.

Cannabis Packaging Machines & Weighing Equipment

JING WEI  Automatic Powder Filling Machine Manufacturer several filling machines suitable for the different forms of cannabis products.  JING WEI PACKING MACHINE can handle dry flowers or liquid products with highly accurate fill volumes. Filling jars with CBD topical creams and lotions is no problem with our piston style fillers.  JING WEI has the years of experience needed to solve product filling challenges in emerging industries.

JING WEI PACKING MACHINE pinch series products are timed flow fillers ranging from an entry level fill machine to an automated machine that can fill up to twelve containers per cycle. JING WEI also has syringe fillers that use a stepper motor to move the plunger, achieving very precise small (0.1 ml) dosage levels.
Our fill to level or overflow fillers, start with a semi automatic filler that handles two bottles at a time.  This filling machine can be configured to fill up to twelve containers at a time. At the high end JING WEI has a selection of rotary fillers that fill containers to level in a continuous process achieving maximum throughput.

Syringe filling machine

JING WEI also has syringe fillers that use a stepper motor to move the plunger, achieving very precise small (0.1 ml) dosage levels.

Our syringe filling machines are designed to meet the highest standards set by the pharmaceutical industry. With this kind of precision, you needn’t worry about dosage mistakes or loss of fluid due to fumbling.

The machines are capable of managing various syringe sizes, and due to its 0.1 ml lower cap on precision, they can handle a variety of doses as well. The machines were designed to be sanitary and accurate, so the doses would always be on point, and the fluid loss would be down to a bare minimum.

These machines are ideal for businesses that deal with pharmaceutical manufacturing, labs that require daily syringe filling and distribution but also suitable for other fast-paced and high-precision work.

With this kind of filling profile, we also need to ensure top-notch sanitary filling conditions. There is no chance of fluid contamination when using automated syringe filling machines, so the process is safe for both the manufacturer and the end-user.

Overflow Filling Machines

Our fill-to-level or overflow fillers start with a semi-automatic filler that handles two bottles at a time.  This filling machine can be configured to fill up to twelve containers at a time.

The overflow filling machines are designed to ensure precise filling up to a designated level inside the container. Even when the containers vary slightly in size, the machine can detect the differences and ensure that all containers are filled to the same level. Both semi-automatic and automatic fillers work well with liquids of medium viscosity. They can also handle liquids that produce foam during filling.

These machines can handle containers of various sizes. The material of the container is also irrelevant as these devices can handle the filling of both glass and plastic beverage bottles. If your goal is to create a line of beverages that look good when aligned on the shelf, then these machines are a must-have.

They are fast, precise, and effective at what they do. The training required to become proficient at using them is not too extensive and can be handled without too much effort. Contact us for additional information about the overflow filling machines. Our support staff will make sure to clear up any dilemmas you may have and the purchasing options for this type of filling machine.

Rotary Filling Machines

At the high-end, JING WEI has a selection of rotary fillers that fill containers to level in a continuous process achieving maximum throughput.

These machines are suitable for filling tasks that require medium or high production rates. They are ideal solutions for granule and powdered products and can use one or more filling stations. The setup will largely depend on the product flow and the packaging used throughout the process.

The parts used for the construction of rotary filling machines from JingWei are made from food-grade stainless-steel parts. This means that whatever product they come in contact with will remain uncontaminated and safe for consumption. They can manage to fill a variety of products and can handle different volumes. Their filling capacity range is between 50 ml and 2000 ml per station. The machines can handle many different container types, and you’ll have unprecedented control over the filling speed. The automated filling process also ensures product longevity.

JingWei offers a variety of different rotary filling machines depending on your organization’s specific needs. We also offer support when it comes to the setup, use, and maintenance of our products. For more information, you can contact our support and sales staff, and they’ll make sure that you know what you are getting and if the machines can meet your specific requirements.

Jingwei Packaging is a professional Automatic Powder Filling Machine Manufacturer, we can customize the machine according to the user's requirements, welcome to contact us.

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