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Is It Worth Buying a Vacuum Packaging Machine?

Sep. 01, 2022

Is the waste of food during transportation one of your biggest worries? Meat and vegetables are at the top of the list, however, it is usually packed in plastic packaging and when they arrive at the supermarket after a long transport, they can still be damaged even if they are kept cold along the way. Well, that's when you need to consider a vacuum packaging machine.


Is vacuum sealing worth it?

Vacuum sealers are worth their weight in gold for those who buy and cook bulk foods, especially meats, vegetables, fruits, breads and even cheeses. For those who want to expand their food storage space and have extra freezer space, a vacuum sealer will help extend the shelf life of many everyday foods by as much as 4-6 times.

Many people invest in vacuum sealers because they help keep food fresher longer and keep a wide variety of foods (meat, soup, vegetables, fruit, bread, etc.) stable in the freezer and refrigerator.


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How does a vacuum packaging machine work?

●Vacuum packaging machines work by.

●Suck all the air out of the bag and seal it at once.

●Fill the bag with the food you want to store.

●Clean the top of the bag, making sure there is no food or moisture at the top.

●Seal the bag by placing it in the opening.

●Store in the refrigerator or pantry, depending on what you are storing.

●Make sure you have the least amount of air left in the bag or container, this will greatly extend the life of the food in your refrigerator.


Air out

●Food that is not tightly wrapped or sealed in airtight packaging can burn in the refrigerator. While eating frozen burnt food is not usually a concern, you will notice that the taste and texture of frozen burnt food can be very unwelcome.

●Freezer burn is caused by prolonged contact between air and food. It can also be caused by rapid changes in temperature, such as when you put hot food in the refrigerator. The added condensation in the package or container can cause more ice to accumulate on the food.

●Making sure to get all the air out of the bag can also help your dry food (such as crackers or cereal) become less fresh or lose their crunch, which is often caused by moisture in the air entering the bag once it is opened and not sealed.



Benefits of having vacuum packaging

Most people use their food savers to save food purchased in bulk, and that's about it. This is one of the main reasons anyone studies food savers. However, there are many different things you can do with a food saver besides sucking all the air out of the bag and storing the food in the refrigerator or pantry.  


Here's a list of 16 things you can do with your food saver besides storing food in the fridge


● Store toilet paper and feminine hygiene products in a compact and waterproof way

●Save photos in a waterproof bag

● Reseal bags of chips or cereal to keep them fresh

● Seal clothes for 72-hour sets to keep them dry and save space

●Seal bedding in a large bag to save space

● Seal food in jars with a jar attachment 

● Make your own ice packs or freeze leftovers 

●Seal important documents in a waterproof bag

● Seal cheese to extend its life in the freezer

●Seal ammunition to keep it dry

●Seal first aid items to keep them from getting wet

●Make small condiment or spice packets for camping or emergency bags


To find out which vacuum packer is best for you, we recommend that you check out what each vacuum sealer offers and then drop us a line. For example, if you only want to store meat purchased in bulk, then a simpler model would be perfect for you. If you want to marinate steaks, store dry ingredients in jars, and use a quilt to suck the air out of large bags to save space, then a more advanced model would be perfect for you!


Visit the JINGWEI website now and then contact us!

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