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Why Buy a Sachet Dispenser?

Sep. 03, 2022

With the development of technology, machines and equipment are becoming more and more advanced, these devices can replace some of the work of humans and help to deal with some of the amount of human labor, for example, the sachet packaging machine is an example, and JINGWEI will let you see what Pouch Dispenser can do for us!


The advantages of the Pouch Dispenser?


1. High efficiency.

In the past, the traditional manual packaging production efficiency is relatively slow, and easy to lose material. The use of Pouch Dispenser instead of manual packaging can effectively complete the entire production process of feeding, measuring, bagging, printing the date and product output. This mechanized assembly line has high measurement accuracy, faster efficiency, and saves materials while reducing labor costs.


2. Reduce labor intensity.

The sachet packing machine replaces manual packing and saves workers from heavy work. Firstly, manual packaging of some bulky products can be physically demanding and easily injured; secondly, certain products can produce dust, radioactivity and irritating hazards harmful to human body during the production process. The production of this machine can effectively solve these problems.


3. Energy saving and environmental protection.

Generally speaking, the automatic packaging machine with good service has automatic detection function. Therefore, for those products that are not qualified, the machine can intelligently and automatically screen and repackage, thus improving the pass rate, while not wasting materials, while reducing waste, but also easy to maintain and operate, greatly reducing production costs.


4. Safety and hygiene.

Manual packaging is difficult to avoid contact between human and production products due to manual involvement, which may contaminate the product and make it difficult to ensure production quality. The fully automatic packaging machine from feed to finished product is automated and requires no manual intervention. The packaging line reduces bacterial contamination during the packaging process and provides a good guarantee of the company's reputation.


5. The packaging quality can be effectively ensured. 

Depending on the requirements of the packaged items, there can be different settings to ensure the quality after packaging. This is especially important for products and export goods. Only fully automatic packaging machine can standardize packaging and meet the requirements of collective packaging.


ZJ-TBJ180-Automatic Clamp Type Pouch Dispenser Machine

ZJ-TBJ180-Automatic Clamp Type Pouch Dispenser Machine

What issues need to be noted when using the sachet packaging machine?


1. Pay attention to the preparation of materials

Before the operation of the sachet packaging machine should be the need to process all aspects of material preparation, can not be mixed together, should be classified according to the type, particle size and so on. At the same time should also be strictly comply with the operating specifications of the automatic unpacking machine and set the appropriate parameters according to the situation of the material, in order to be able to complete the bagging operation of high quality.


2. Pay attention to the monitoring and regular inspection of the equipment


3. Pay attention to good cleaning and measures


Jingwei machinery developped the fully-auto packaging machine integrating mechanical ,electronics,numerical control and microcomputer technology to achieve automation of the entire packaging process, which introduces scientific and technological package into a number of industries, e .g. Food, daily-use chemical, pharmacy, etc..

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