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ZJ-ZXJ18 Semi Auto Cartoning Machine

The semi-auto cartooning machine can effectively transport the product without packaging or single packaging above the carton.According to the packing requirements,it can put them into the designated station in order by semi-automatic.The equipment realizes the functions of auto carton feeding,forming ,sealing and finished product elimination.This semi-auto cartooning machine has advantages of lower cost,high performance,simple operation,convenient production shift,less labor. It is essential equipment for automatic production.

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1. To finish the adjustment for product replacement in 5-20 minutes.
2. Save 20-30% carton cost comparing to the manual casing.
3. Nice sealing and environmental protection

Production capacity15-18 cases/min
StationTotal: 19; Length of station: 571.5mm
operation station: 6
Carton rangeL: 290-480mm, W: 240-420mm, H: 100-220mm
Motor powerpower: 1.5KW, rotate speed: 1400r/min
Glue-smelting machine power3KW (max)
Powerthree-phase five line, AC380V, 50HZ
Compressed air0.5-0.6Mpa, 500NL/min
Machine dimensions(L)6400mm x(W)1300mm x(H)2000mm (no entrance belt conveyor )
Height of carton discharge800mm±50mm
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