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ZJ-DD200 Intelligent Pouch Layer

This pouch layer machine work with three-side or four-side flavour pouch packaging machine.It is automatically and orderly sorted and stacked the flavour pouch in the material basket according to a certain number of bags.The automatically sorted and stacked flavour pouches are matched with the high-speed pouch layer,which provide the good guarantee for the later automatic assembly line to achieve the purpose of saving manpower.

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1. Servo motor drives the traction of materials bag to achieves precise control;
2. Stacking speed and pouch specification can be adjustable; Nice and neat stacking; Counting the number of single basket and production.
3. Detecting the missing bags, broken bags and empty bags with photo sensor or ultrasonic sensor.

Product Applicationpowder, liquid, sauce, desiccant, etc
Pouch sizeW≤80mm     L≤100mm
Folding speed200 bags / min (bag length = 100 mm)
Count number of carton1500~2000 bags (Depends on Materials)
Detection modePhoto sensor or ultrasonic
Max Stroke of table500mm(vertical)×350mm(horizontal)
Power300w, AC220V, 50HZ
300w, single phase AC220V, 50HZ
Machine Dimensions(L)900mm×(W)790mm×(H)1492mm
Machine weight130Kg
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