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ZJ-TB220 Intelligent Pouch Dispensor

The pouch dispenser cooperate with various chain bags,container packaging machine to accurately put the flavour pouch such as granules,liquids,sauces and powders on the required station before packaging.The cutter and bag feeding of the machine are controlled by servo drive, which has accurate control and can realize high-speed bag cutting.This pouch dispenser can be widely used in food, medicine and other industries to realize production automation, reduce cost and improve production efficiency.

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1. Servo drive control of the cutting and bag feeding to achieve the precise control then to achieve the high speed cutting.

2. Allow the auto counting online and setting the number of continuous cutting. To adjust the cutting position, cutting force and the dispensing position.

3. Measuring pitch by means of ultrasonic to achieve the products changing easily.

4. PLC controller and friendly interface to make operation simply.

5. Advanced fault feedback to make the maintenance easily.

Product Applicationpowder, liquid, sauce, desiccant, etc
Pouch size55mm≤W≤80mm L≤100mm
Dispensing speedMax: 220 bags/min(bag length = 60mm)
Detection modeUltrasonic
Feeding modeUpstairs feeding or downstairs feeding
Power600w, single phase AC220V, 50HZ
Machine Dimensions(L)660mm×(W)660mm×(H)1567mm
Machine weight130kg
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