Pouch Layer

Pouch Layer

A Pouch Layer Machine is a small bag made from a single layer or a multi-layered laminate of paper, foil, and plastic films. The choice of Pouch Layer Machine depends on the type of pouch, physical form of the product to be packaged, desired dimensions or volume of the pouch, and whether pouch forming is required or pre-formed pouches will be used. Specialized Pouch Layer Machine may be required for the inclusion of a dispensing spout in the pouch or to make the pouch retortable.


The automatic pouch layer machine is designed independently and produced painstakingly on the base of improvement of the advanced international & domestic technique of the same kind of products. The folding and placing of small bag package like seasoning packets of instant noodles, rice noodles, and cookie dryers confirm to industry standards and technical requirements.
The automatic pouch layer machinecan automatically arrange, fold and check the powder bags, oil bags and vegetable bags etc ,The folding speed and dimension could be adjustable, available for different dimension bags.

Standard Features:

(1) High efficiency: The machine has reached advanced standards at home and abroad for its parameters of folding speed, shape, operation stability and low error rate;
(2) Health: Machine folding avoiding manual touching;
(3) High Adjustability: The folding speed and dimension could be adjustable, available for different dimension bags;
(4) Easy to operation and adjustment: Folding speed and specification can be adjusted at anytime according to need;
(5) Friendly interface, function and running key independently control;
(6) Automatically alarm.


Automatically arraying.

laying the powder bags, oil bags, vegetable bags etc from output of hi-speed sachet packaging machine.

It's a corollary equipment of automatic pouch dispenser.

Automatiallycutting and dispensing for the linked bags of food, conmodity, chemicalindustry, medicine etc.


Efficiency: Automatically arraying. layingand feeding the sachets, max capability 200 pouches per minute.

Wide Application: Easy adjust to meetdifference sachet, and put sachet in order.

Health: Machine laying to avoid touch foodby hand, complied with hygiene requirements.

Stability: Detecting by ultrasonic, drivingby dual-servo motor, Assured cutting off and accurately dispensing.

Convenience: Easy to operate and maintain,Just press Feed & Start the dispenser will work automatically;

Why choose us:

1.One step packing machine lines manufacturer.
2. Bring in the electrical configuration, PLC and develop on this basis according to customers' requirement.
3.OEM,ODM and customized service. 
4.CE,ISO and SGS certificates.

As the sole profession-al manufacturing enterprises integrating researching development and pro-duction of auto vffs packing machine ,auto bag filling and sealing machine,auto carton casing machineauto pouch layer, and other packing processing equipment in southwest china. We develop the fully-auto packaging machine integrating mechanical ,electronics,numerical control and microcomputer technology to achieve automation of the entire packaging process.If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us when you free.

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