ZJ-TBG280R(L)Automatic High-speed Pouch Dispenser Machine

Two lane pouch/Double sachets packaging machine for Oil, Sauce, Liquid, Soy Sauce etc.

Hot Pot Packaging System-Packaging Solution for kinds of Prefabricated Bag Stand-up Bag Zip lock Bag

Single Roller Serie

Vertical form fill seal packaging machine

Automatic Carton packing system/robotic arm solution for Bottled water

Multilanes back sealing packaging machine for tomato sauce,shampoo,laundry detergent,herbal ointment

Automatic Powder Pouch Packing Machine with Mixing

Testing of Ceramic rotary valve canned pump

Pre fabricated bag packaging


Hotpot condiment packaging system


Automatic pillow bag product cartoning machine

Pouch dispenser for seasoning sachets, powder sachets, dehydrated vegetable pouch,oil bag etc.

Automatic bowl cartoning machine

Assembly Center

High speed Automatic pouch/sachet packing machine for powder, granule, dehydrated vegetables.