Pouch Dispenser

Pouch Dispenser

This Pouch Dispenser is designed to feed, cut, and deliver noodle seasoning sachet upon noodle cakes automatically, adopts advanced electric sensor tracking system, 3 servo driven techology, machine has high speed, stable performance features, as well as safety alarm functions, such as no pouch stop, wrong pouch position stop, error signal alarm and eliminate etc., It can be connected with horizontal packaging machine(flow wrapper) to achieve instant noodle cake automatically packaging purpose.

We make customized Pouch Dispenser for instant noodle cake, which has requests to pack seasoning sachets together. The solutions will be different according to packing way, workshop size, noodle cakes features, such as cake manufacturing capacity, single pack or multi-pack, seasoning sachets quantities per bag, etc.

  • For flat noodle cakes automatic packing, we build Side sort packaging system to connect with noodle cake production line, to achieve fully automatic producing and packing functions.

  • For noodel cake in cup bowl packaging, normally requests a shrink type flow wrapper and heating tunnel, noodle cake cups are wrapped with heat shrink type material first , then go in to heating tunnel for shrink packaging.

  • For Noodle cakes in family packing request, we use big type flow wrapper to pack 5-10 pieces noodel cakes in one bag.

  • For noodel cakes individually carton packaging, it is normally wrapped with pillow bag first, then loaded into carton, more high rank market performance in recent years, check carton filling machine here.

A pouch dispenser is a machine that is used in pouch filling and sealing. The pouch dispenser is gaining popularity as they are easy to use, reliable, extend the products' shelf life, and provide an excellent aesthetic to the finished product. The pouch dispenser accommodates a wide variety of liquid and pumpable foods. On average, the speed of the pouch dispenser is 45 pouches per minute. The entire process of pouch dispenser is easy. The self-threading unit will feed, cut, and place pouches directly into the packaging line. The pouch dispenser produces headspace-free pouches and zero scraps on the flexible liquid packaging. The pouch dispenser can grip pouches that are of different sizes. The advantage of a pouch dispenser is that it will reduce workforce expenses and increase productivity. All these factors would propel the growth of the pouch dispenser market.The Pouch Dispenser can cut and deliver pouches, seasoning sachets, such as oil pouches, powder sachets, upon instant noodle cakes automatically.The Pouch Dispenser creates many advantages for food service operators compared to cans and rigid containers, including more efficient storage, safer handling, easier opening, and portion control. A perfect solution for sauces and condiments, a flexible pouch means easier product evacuation, yielding up to 98% of the product.


  • Ideal for sauces and condiments

  • Improved sustainability profile

  • Occupies 40% less space than #10 cans

  • Up to 98% product yield

  • Consistent dispensing results

  • Increased operational efficiency 

  • Improved food safety and hygiene with tool-free opening, no product exposure to air, easier changeovers, and easy cleaning.

As the sole profession-al manufacturing enterprises integrating researching development and pro-duction of auto vffs packing machine ,auto bag filling and sealing machine,auto carton casing machine, auto pouch layer, and other packing processing equipment in southwest china. We develop the fully-auto packaging machine integrating mechanical ,electronics,numerical control and microcomputer technology to achieve automation of the entire packaging process.If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us when you free.

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